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Miami Lakes Fishing

Come experience South Florida charter fishing trophy bass guide.

We are the guide service, known as the premiere "Bass Authority" in South Florida Fishing service for Palm Beach, Miami, Ft Lauderdale & Naples fishing . Come enjoy a day fishing South Florida where the bass are always biting somewhere. Weather you are visiting Florida on a family vacation or hard core fishing trip, we have a fishing lake near South Beach, Miami, Ft Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale & Naples, Sea World and other South Florida attractions are guarantee to add to the already fantastic fishing trip we have planned for you. 

 We offer guided bass fishing charters on, Lake Okeechobee", Everglades, Lake Osborne, Lake Ida and the world famous Peacock bass in Miami. Your vacation and fishing guide are much too important to be left to chance and they shouldn't be. Whether your visit in South Florida is a vacation or business trip we like to think of it as a "once in a lifetime" event, either way make sure you rely on a guide service that is qualified to meet your needs puts your success as a priority. The success of your charter is measured by the memories and pictures you carry home with you, not the money you pay your guide. We know your success not only revolves around catching fish, but your happiness with the over all trip which is the heart of our business and we will care for you accordingly.

Florida is well known as "The Bass Fishing Capital of the World" with Lake Okeechobee leading the way as one of the most well known lakes in the state of Florida. The most often seen, but never overlooked part of the state is beautiful Ft Lauderdale. When people hear "Ft Lauderdale Vacation" they think mostly of the beaches, cruises and convention center, but what a lot of people don’t realize is the great bass fishing the area has, and just how close to the beaches the great fisheries are. The Everglades Lake Okeechobee and Peacock bass. These lakes are world famous and have consistently produced more bass year round then any other in the state. All of these lakes have long been known as some of Florida's best trophy bass fisheries. 

South Florida also has the Peacock bass, located in and around the town of Miami Florida. They are just minutes away from major airports, and offer some excellent bass fishing on what we believe to be some of Florida’s most uniquie waters. Everglades is referred to as more of a sight seeing area, with its clean, clear waters, birds and abundant alligators. Depths ranging up to almost 20 feet deep and as sallow as a 1 foot, this offers some great bass fishing action using a wide variety of techniques from your typical worm fishing to frog fishing, which makes it a very popular fishery for the fishermen coming down from the north for a break from the cold and snow.

 The Lake Ida & Lake Osborne Chain is yet another great bass fishery, with that "urban" look to it. With the tannic waters and boat docks everywhere, these great lakes and the river that takes you to the many lakes on this chain, it gives you the great access to great fishing in the middle of big development that has hit the state of Florida. This great South Florida bass fishing chain holds some very good bass action and a few peacock bass, and is well known to take 15 to 20 pounds to win a one day tournament with several 6 to 8 pound plus bass being caught yearly here, and only 20 minutes from the major beaches, right off the main highway.

 All of the South Florida bodys of water are good artificial lakes and even better shiner fishing lakes. So, we cover the entire South Florida area which includes, Everglades, Miami, Lake Ida, Lake Osborne and  Lake Okeechobee and others when it comes to fishing South Florida, no one does like US. We have the credentials and creditability to back it up. Don't be fooled by some imposture with a saltwater boat, claiming to be a bass fishermen. You know the difference, don't be sold short!.

We also want you to know that when Booking a trip with us you will be placed with a member of our team, not a guide who has been brought in on an "as needed" basis.  We take pride in what we do and our "Accountability" and "Credibility" takes precedent!

Experience Florida Bass fishing at it's best!

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We also have a full photo album and testimonials of the fish caught by our customers. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, click here to book your Florida guides.

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